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Another year ends...

I was planning to end this writing project after a year, therefore November 2015. Why? Because I like a project, I like a beginning and middle, and an end. I like to evaluate and consider. I like to round up, round off and pontificate my learning. I recently had an interview, and my interviewer said that I was clearly very goal focused - and I agree, I am happy to muck in to do whatever needs to doing to achieve what was set out to be achieved - and this was a project for me to listen, watch, learn and write about it.

But as I was pondering what to round off with about this year in food, wine and London, I realised that I was still thinking, I was still oscillating between different ideas and had come to no conclusions. Therefore I have decided to go against my nature to sum things up, and instead - continue writing. I'll continue writing on a monthly basis, about how food, wine and the location of London intersects in my life.

I'm going to keep going, just keep going, with no real goal, no end date, just a theme... and this freaks me out - which is why I think it is a good idea.

I have not written for November because I was over analysing what to write, and how to conclude. I have things to write about, for example about my October trip to Copenhagen, and the amazing food there - and the fact that I also ate the worst dish ever; I also have to write about my November decision to re-think what I want to with my career, and the choice London has to offer, and then my trip Belfast at the beginning of December.

But one thing I have been thinking a lot of recently is social media. I love it, I love technology, I love the friends and work I've got from it.. but instgram is the modern day 'keeping up with the Jones' but on a global scale, and with 'Jones' you don't even know. The podcast The Kitchen is on Fire had an episode where they said/asked 'is instagram just bragging' - and of course it is, which is ok, it's ok to be privileged and spoilt. But, I feel overwhelmed by it all and it makes me anxious and even though I know it's a farce, and I don't have to play into it, I do. And with food there are so many more elements - having to know the latest restaurants, the best wines, being able to take the best photo... being 'in the know' is exhausting.

And so, I'm going to try and take a break. Or at least slow down.

Twitter and intagram are wonderful and powerful things, but I need to take some perspective. It's just fucking food, after all.


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